I aim to provide my clients with the best styling experience possible by helping each to create a unique and personal look with clothes that look great on them!

See what my clients had to say about their style experience:


Amy made me completely change the way I look at my closet! For so long I had been wearing the same pieces of clothing in the same, boring way. She brought a new, fresh perspective to my outfits and created so many looks for me that were exactly what I had always wanted, but didn’t know how to put together myself. It was such a fun and inspiring experience!


I am so THRILLED with Amy and her talent for styling my wardrobe. She is amazing. She spent 2 hours working with my existing wardrobe; shoes, jewelry and scarves, and created 45 different styles that I can immediately wear. I did not have to spend any extra money on fashion items! Being able to review my new styles is extremely easy! Amy created an album that I can reference at any time.


My husband thought Amy’s Sort, Shop & Style service would be perfect before our trip to Miami. When Amy took me shopping, she preselected items that were waiting for me in a fitting room when I arrived. Many of the items Amy chose for me to try on I wouldn’t have looked twice at if I was shopping on my own, but once I tried them on I LOVED her selections! I didn’t know shopping could be so enjoyable! Amy then created outfits mixing my new and old pieces; now for the tough part.......choosing which of the outfits she created to wear to Miami!

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