How It Works

The Closet Styling service is perfect if you have a closet full of pieces you love but have no idea how to make them work together. Together, we’ll assess your current wardrobe and create complete looks for work and weekend!

Step 1

It all begins with an in-home consultation where you introduce me to pieces you adore, I highlight pieces that work best because of their shape, texture, or color, then together we create a plan to create complete outfits for work, social occasions, or both.

Step 2

Next, I’ll ‘shop’ your closet and create cohesive looks that fuze some of your favorite go-to pieces, with items you never knew how to combine with others! I’ll walk you through the steps to creating each look and take pictures for reference.

Each outfit will feel completely you and new – even though we never stepped into a single store!

The Results

A personalized look book of head-to-toe styled outfits straight from your closet! It will feel like you have a brand new wardrobe, but the secret is, you never had to spend a dime!

Book Closet Styling - $299