Breathtakingly Beautiful Style is thrilled to announce their latest initiative JOY’d: Joy Over Your Destination. I struggled with anorexia for six years and during that time what the eating disorder stole from me the most was joy. I am now blessed to be in recovery and created JOY’d to support and encourage women in treatment for an eating disorder. Your destination during treatment is to reach recovery, and my hope is that when women reach that destination it will be filled with joy. I’m currently selling tassel earrings on my Etsy site: JOYdestination {Fall collection coming soon}.    For every pair of earrings sold, a pair of earrings, along with an encouragement card will be donated to women in treatment. In addition, for each pair of earrings sold $5 will be donated to Southern Smash, a non-profit that raises awareness of eating disorders and promotes self love and acceptance.

These earrings were sent to the brave women at Oliver-Pyatt Center in Miami. JOY’d has sent out over 70 pairs of earrings to women working towards recovery as well as the lifesaving staff guiding them. To stay up to date follow: JoyOverYourDestination on Instagram!