My 3 Service Packages

Need help putting outfits together? Or need a complete wardrobe change? I’ve got you covered! Find your new look by choosing one of my service packages designed to assist you each step of the way with your styling needs.

Closet Styling

The Closet Styling service is perfect if you have a closet full of pieces you love but have no idea how to make them work together. Together, we’ll assess your current wardrobe and create complete looks for work and weekend!

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Sort, Shop, Style

The Sort, Shop & Style is the ideal service to book if you want to create a cohesive wardrobe through items you already own, and new items purchased according to your budget and lifestyle.

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Style Overhaul

The words, “I have nothing to wear” are all too real and you’re ready to put an end to it! The Style Overhaul will help you create a complete wardrobe where there currently is none.

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